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Spider-man 3 is the last one!

Spider-man 3 is to be the final film in the series according to Columbia

Sony´s film head Amy Pascal has made it clear that she wants a definitive
finale and so all the loose threads from the last two films must be tied up
"thinking that the audience feels they want to see one more and no more." Raimi
seemed keen on working on further Spider-man movies, however he will concede to
Pascal´s wishes for now.

Sam Raimi spoke to Latino Review about the possibilities and what that might
mean for the Harry Osborn/Hobgoblin character?!

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Tara Road, with Andie MacDowell and Olivia Williams

MacDowell is set to star opposite Olivia Williams in "Tara Road."

The drama is an adaptation from Maeve Binchy´s novel.

Variety idicate that Gillies MacKinnon is to direct the feature. The

story revolves around two women, one American the other Irish. They make a

house swap that alters their respective destinies. The novel was published

in 1999, and apparently it was a selection of Oprah´s Book Club.

Production is set to begin October 18. MacKinnon adapted the screenplay

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"Relative Strangers" with Neve Campbell as a lead!

Campbell is set to have the lead role opposite Ron Livingston in

the independent flick "Relative Strangers." Directed by Greg Glienna and

produced by Danny DeVito the story centres on an uptight professional

(Livingston) who sets out to meet his biological parents only to discover

that they are from the wrong side of the trailer park.

Campbell plays the fiancé of Livingston´s character. We will keep you

up to date on the other cast members when they are announced shortly. For

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No FvJvA (Freddy V Jason V Ash), revealed Raimi!

revealed that it "won´t happen"! He did not feel confident enough to lend his
character to such a franchise. Raimi stated that "I wanted to give the fans what
they want with that. It´s hard to know what the fans want with that, if that was
the proper treatment. I just don´t know. I don´t think so. As fun as that
sounded, I think they´re in two different worlds, the Evil Dead and
Jason/Freddy. Maybe another time, that would be a better combination".

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Nicole Kidman is to join "Eucalyptus."

href="">Joblo and

href="">Coming Soon

reports that Nicole Kidman is to join "Eucalyptus."

variety indicates that she will join Russell Crowe, Geoffrey Rush and

director Jocelyn Moorhouse on the film, an adaptation of Murray Bail´s


The popular book is set in New South Wales, an Australian state.

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"The Myth" is going to be delayed.

Variety indicates that Jackie Chan´s latest movie, The Myth is going to

suffer delays! India´s Directorate of Archaeology and Museums ordered

cranes and sets to be removed from grounds of the 15th-century Virupaksha

temple at Hampi. Apparently the production had not sought permission to


This is Chan´s first film in India and it will star Bollywood´s Mallika

Sherawat! It had been scheduled to wrap Thursday.

Stanley Tong said permission was granted by the Archaeological Survey

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Scribe Feirstein Writing "The A-Team"

Twentieth Century Fox have hired screenwriter Bruce Feirstein to write for
the big screen adaptation of the popular 1980´s TV series The A-Team! Feirstein
has written many of the James Bond screenplays, his resume includes Goldeneye,
Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World is Not Enough.

Variety indicate that Stephen J. Cannell, who created the show, will produce
the movie with Spike Seldin. Cannell indicates that Mr. T, who played B.A.
Baracus, will be up for a cameo in the film.

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Christopher Reeve Passes Away

is truly a sad day for movie fans. The legendary actor Christopher Reeve has
sadly passed away today. The 52 year old actor, who was most well known for
portraying our favourite comic book hero "Superman", suffered from a heart
attack, and slipped in to a coma. This is truly tragic, and I´m sure many of the
regulars to this site will be shocked by this news.

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"P.S." check out this Romantic film!


"P.S." is the
new moving coming out from Newmarket films. Below are links to the trailers. The
romantic story revolves around a divorced woman in her late 30´s, who gets to
live her fairy tale when she is reunited with a high school sweetheart who had
died previously and reincarnated in a mid 20´s year old hottie. If you are
craving more information be sure to check out href="">



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Seed of Chucky has a brand new Green Band trailer!

Pictures has a brand new Green Band trailer for "Seed of Chucky," the 5th of the
killer doll franchise, which opens on November 12th!
If you are sadistic enough you can also donate to the href="">Official Chucky´s Sperm Bank Online

Official Website
is located at href="">

Trailer links



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