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Superman Considering Steve Martin For Perry White!?!

take this next scoop with a pinch of salt, fellow insomniacs. At the moment it is
only a rumour according to ="">Joblo. If it is true, then it
appears that the big wigs over at Warner Bros may have gone and had yet another
crazy idea for their new "Superman" movie!

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Rowling indicates there will be a death in "Harry Potter"

Rowling stated on her official site

that one of the main characters will die off in her next book. The sixth book is

speculated to feature the death, although "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood

will not be published until next year.

When asked if more characters will be killed off, Rowling replied, "Yes,

She refused to identify the character. Rowling has previously said Harry Potter

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Hulk could be back for more...Eric Bana considering a second shot!

Australia´s Film magazine, href="">Moviehole had an article
indicating that Eric Bana, is "seriously considering" a second shot at playing
The Hulk. The studio is still keen to produce a sequel, although this has yet to
be written in stone. We will keep you posted if he does indeed decide to take on
the project.

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Jessica Alba is looking hot as Susan Storm in Fantastic Four!

Alba is set to play "Susan Storm" in the new comic movie, "Fantastic

Four." There are some new pictures of Alba on the Vancouver set of the movie
over at

Hype. Susan Storm eventually becomes "the Invisible Woman" in the Twentieth

Century Fox adaptation. The article indicates that not only can she become

at will but can also render other objects invisible too.

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The Island co-produced by Warner Brothers Pictures and Dreamworks!


A deal between
Warner Brothers Pictures and Dreamworks has been closed for "The Island."
Director Michael Bay is leading the project with a 50-50 co-production deal
bewtween the companies. DreamWorks will handle domestic distribution and Warner
Brothers Pictures will handle international, with both studios putting up half
the budget, which is estimated in the $100 million range!


Jameson star is in talks to bring her life story as a surgically enhanced porn
star to film. The film will be based on her book "How to Make Love Like a Porn
Star: A Cautionary Tale."

Ironically enough Jameson will not pursue herself in the movie? Jameson
claims her fans have thrown potential names into the air, with everyone from
Pamela Anderson to Meryl Streep mentioned. Jaime Pressly however is a very
likely candidate for the role.

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Scrubs...directed by Matthew Perry

reports that Matthew Perry will make his directorial debut by helming an

episode of the NBC comedy "Scrubs." He will both direct and star in an episode
of the

show scheduled to air during the winter.

Perry will play a man willing to donate a kidney to his ailing father, until

complications arise. Perry´s real-life dad, John Perry, has been cast as his

small-screen father. For more information check out

href="">Coming Soon


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Xu Jinglei wins an award for "Letter From an Unknown Woman"

Director Xu Jinglei from mainland China, has won the "Altadis, Best New
Director" for her film "Letter From an Unknown Woman" at Spain´s prestigious San
Sebastian film festival.

The film is based on the novel "Letter From an Unknown Woman" by Austrian
writer Stefan Zweig. It revolves around a woman who devotes her life to a secret

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Ke Ke Xi Li by Chinese director Lu Chuan opens this national holiday


Director Lu
Chuan´s latest film Ke Ke Xi Li is opening to the Chinese public this national
holiday. href="">
reports that it is the first western adventure film to be shot by a Chinese
director. The audience response was immense when it premiered at the Golden
Rooster Award in mid-September.

A budget of 10,000,000 Yuan was placed on the movie and already he has won
800,000 US dollars for its overseas copyright. The majority of the cast are
Tibetan people.

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Shantaram the novel adaptation by Johnny Depp´s Infinitum Nihil

Depp is set to star in the novel adaptation "Shantaram," written by Gregory
David Roberts. Depp will play the novel´s narrator, a
young Australian man who escapes from a prison and escapes to the slums of India
before going to fight with insurgents in their struggle

against the Russians in Afghanistan. Roberts will adapt the book, which is set
in the 1980´s and was originally published in August of 2003.



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