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Kyra Sedgwick also "Must Love Dogs"

Director Gary David Goldberg is directing from his own script, which revolves
around a divorcee whose Irish-American family enrolls her in

a number of online dating programs after she decides to give up on men. Kyra
Sedgwick has recently joined the cast and she will co-star with

Diane Lane. "Must Love Dogs," is being handled by Warner Brothers Pictures,
according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sedgwick will play Lane´s

sister in the film. Coming
has more information on this project.


Yukito Kishiro, the writer for Battle Angel Alita (aka "GUNNM") has confirmed
on his

href="">official website

that director
James Cameron is

attached to direct the big screen adaptation.

An extract from the site states "I made an agreement about film adaptation of
"GUNNM" with the movie director James Cameron. I can´t tell

you in detail I have the confidentiality agreement. It is yet to be determined
by him when start making it and released on. An official

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Rachael Bella and Edward Furlong are "Jimmy & Judy"

Furlong is joining Rachael Bella for the low-budget independent film "Jimmy &
Judy." The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the

writer/directors Jon Schroder and Randall Rubin are making their feature film
debut about two misfit youths who want to escape the boredom of

middle-class suburbia and end up on a violent road trip where they document
everything with a small digital camera. Filming is currently


Romijn-Stamos and Ben Affleck will be accompanied by Gina Gershon, Amber
Valletta and Kal Penn. Director Mike Binder is leading the Media 8

project "Man About Town".

The story revolves around a top Hollywood talent agent (Affleck) who seems to

it all - success, money and a beautiful wife (Romijn). However all starts to

when he discovers that she is cheating on him and his journal has been stolen by

journalist who could expose him.

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Elektra Teaser Poster

is a very cool behind the scenes Elektra feature that is online now. It was
shown to the crowd who attended this summer´s San Diego Comic Con. href="">Joblo have a lot of
information on this. They also have a good copy of the teaser poster on their
article. Take
a look at what others think about this comic flick in our forum, you never know
you may want to add to the topic?!

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John Woo directs He-Man !

Woo is set to direct and product "He-Man." This will be a live-action film based
on the characters in Mattel´s "Masters of the Universe," according to Variety.
Coming Soon report that
Adam Rifkin will adapt the screenplay and that it will focus on the life of
Prince Adam, the hybrid of an Earthling and an Eternian. At the age of 18, he
was taken to Castle Grayskull, where Adam received super powers. He-Man has a
sidekick in the form of a tiger, Battle Cat, and a deadly enemy, Skeletor.

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Nicolas Cage talks about Ghost Rider !

kick-start your day, lets recap over the last few years where Nicolas Cage could
have taken a role in his very own superhero movie. He was once going to play
Superman in Tim Burton´s "Superman Reborn." He was next in line to portray the
Green Goblin in Spider-Man, now this upcoming Janurary we shall finally see
Cage take to the road as Johnny Blaze. Blaze is a circus motorcycle stuntman who
after a series of tragic events is tricked by Satan into becoming the Spirit of

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Release date change for War of the Worlds and Fantastic Four

the "comic shop guy" sent this in!

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Deathlok directed by Paul McGuigan

magazine has provided some information in regard to Deathlok, they have talked
to Kevin Feige and apparently he confirmed that the director of Wicker Park,
Paul McGuigan, is doing the movie. He commented that he took to the material
that satisfies every producer´s dreams. For more information check out href="">Superhero Hype. href="">Join us in the forum
to talk about this film.

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Scarecrow in Batman Begins is fantastic!

magazine had an article about a special showing of a few scenes of the new
Batman Begins movie. The response from the crowd was immense, they gasped at the
first sight of The Scarecrow! The actions scenes had the audience wanting



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