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Jarhead with Jamie Foxx and Lucas Black

"Jarhead" is a drama film based on Anthony Swofford´s Persian Gulf War

memoir. Jamie Foxx and Lucas Black have entered the cast list, joining

Jake Gyllenhaal. The film is to be directed by Sam Mendes for Universal

Pictures and it is scheduled for a September 30th 2005 release.

Gyllenhaal is set to star as Swofford. The cast also includes Laz

Alonso, Brian Geraghty, Jacob Vargas and Evan Jones. Production will start

in early December, while shooting will take place in Los Angeles and El

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Kong is King reports shooting has began on Skull Island!


Kong is King
reports that shooting has began on the outdoor set of Skull Island! Coming Soon
featured a clip from the report. The source stated, "Today I watched Peter
Jackson direct a scene where Carl Denham (Jack Black) creeps up and begins
filming on the island (presumably when he starts filming the ceremony being
conducted by the natives in the village)."

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X-Men 3 - Explained by Joss Whedon !

Whedon has scheduled a talk on href=""> about politics
and X-Men 3 this Sunday, October 24th.

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Elect the Boss(Xuan Lao Zuo) and Pocket Picker(Wen Que) in production!

To, the Hong Kong director mentioned that his next two projects, "Elect the
Boss" and "Pocket Picker" are in the production stage!

Elect the Boss(Xuan Lao Zuo) will star Simon Yam and is based on the true
story of Hong Kong gangsters as they choose a new boss.

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Brandon James Routh pictures...the next Superman...for the entire film?

casting deal has yet to be inked, however the unknown Brandon James Routh is
expected to take on the role of Superman! Bryan Singer and his crew are headed
to Australia next month to begin production.

Screenwriter Dan Harris revealed more of the film´s plot to the Chicago
Sun-Times. Harris mentioned "he´ll begin in his late 20s. He lost his powers in
´Superman 2´ and now he has the powers back. However something has happened
because he´s been away for a long time."

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Jennifer Garner up for "Catch and Release"

Jennifer Garner is in negotiations to star in the romantic comedy

"Catch and Release." Columbia Pictures have taken on the project with

Susannah Grant to direct it. The Hollywood Reporter states that Garner

will play a woman facing the sudden death of her husband and the secrets

he kept from her. Susannah Grant will be working from her own script.

She is currently writing the adaptation of "Charlotte´s Web" for

Paramount Pictures.

href="">Coming Soon

has more

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"Army Geek" directed by Brian Dannelly

Dannelly is looking to direct "Army Geek." The film revolves

around a directionless high school graduate who eventually becomes a man

at an Army boot camp where he´s whipped into shape by his female drill


The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Dannelly has teamed up with

Michael Urban to work on the script. Visit

href="">Coming Soon

for more


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Second season for "The 4400"

reports that the USA Network has given the greenlight to a second season for "The 4400." The science fiction drama will have 13 new episodes to premier during the summer of 2005.

The plot focuses on the disappearance of thousands of people over the last century. Without warning 4400 missing people are returned all at once as they were on the day they vanished? The mass group are investigated and it soon becomes clear that their presence will change the human race...forever.


confirm there is a remake being developed from the 1939 comedy "The Women."

Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd are in negotiations to star in the feature. Diane English will make her directorial debut. English is planing to use her script. Shooting is expected to begin in February. Rolling Stones will be supervising the soundtrack. Mick Jagger is set to produce?

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Sound of Thunder.

A Sound of Thunder Trailer Adaptation of the Ray Bradbury short story.

September 20, 2004 - Warner Bros.´ adaptation of Ray Bradbury´s A Sound of
Thunder isn´t due in theaters until next March, but you can check out the
trailer for the sci-fi adventure by clicking the link below.

Peter Hyams (End of Days, The Relic) directed the film. Ben Kingsley and Ed
Burns star along with Catherine McCormack, Jemima Rooper and Wilfried



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