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John Rhys Davies Joins Revenge of the Sith?

appears that George Lucas may have finally found an actor to portray the voice
of the new villain, General Grievous, in "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith".
According to a spy over at "">AICN, the legendary
"Indiana Jones" and "Lord of the Rings" star John Rhys Davies may have got the

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Karl Yune up for Memoirs of a Geisha

Yune will be joining the cast for "Memoirs of a Geisha." Director Rob Marshall
is in charge of the Columbia Pictures project which is based on the
international best-seller by Arthur Golden, "Geisha."

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The Science of Sleep

actor Charlotte Gainsbourg and Alain Chabat will star in "The Science of Sleep."
Production company Partizan and French major Gaumont will co-produce the

The script was written by Gondry and centers around a man who learns to
manipulate his dreams. Shooting will begin in early 2005. For more information
visit Coming Soon.

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Kidman wants to do Dirty Music!

indicates that Nicole Kidman is interested in starring in a film in Austrailia.
They report she is "desperate" to work in the country and that she may have
found the film for her. "Dirt Music," is a film based on the Tim Winton novel.
Director Phillip Noyce is leading the project and Kidman could take the role of
an emotionally torn woman between her husband and her lover.

Check out Comingsoon
for more information.

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Dr Uwe Boll answers more questions regarding BloodRayne

and Critics have spoken to Director Dr Uwe Boll, who is currently in Romania, about the current progress of BloodRayne. Here is an
extract from the interview James Wray had with Boll.

UB: We are doing the biggest massacre in the movie right now, so we have five
knights in this monastery in Romania right now and a huge battle with like one shot after another where people get killed or cut and half
and stuff.

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Spiderman 2 in 3 lego!

I just
found this great little Spiderman 2 Lego movie on the net. Now although this
isn´t strictly news, its still very entertaining and for anyone who hasn´t seen
the movie, it will show you all the best action sequences (in lego form) in the
span of 3 minutes.

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Iron Man updates!

Continuum spoke to producer Alfred Gough about the "Iron

man" project! He commented, "Iron Man is circling. They were flirting with Tom
Cruise for a while because he´s always had an interest in the

character. But now he´s doing War of the Worlds and MI3. I think they´re looking
for the right combination to put that movie together. As you

know, these things take much longer than any of us like".

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Katie Holmes in Batman Begins


href="">Superhero Hype reports
that the


talked to Katie Holmes about playing the character Rachel

Dawes in Warner Brothers´ "Batman Begins." Here is an extract from the

And she got to ride in that car. "Like every day I was on set, I was
e-mailing my friends, ´I just rode in the Batmobile. Ha ha, what are

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Marvel wants voice actors!

is a casting call for the upcoming animated DVD premiere movie, The Avengers!


is asking fans to send in audition tapes for the

voices of Marvel Characters Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and others
to be featured in the movie!

Marvel can not guarantee that a fan will be cast as voice talent, but
audition tapes are likely to be included as DVD extras when the film

is released in 2006.

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Smallville welcomes the fastest man alive...

Fans of the hit young Superman series "Smallville" are going to be in for a treat this season as several big name DC characters make guest appearances in the show. Lois Lane has already been announced to guest star for a number of episodes, and she will be played by Erica Durance. Hopefully we can really see what made the young reporter tick in her younger years. What is even more exciting however, is that a future ally of Superman in the Justice League is also slated to make a guest appearance in one episode only.



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