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Christopher Reeve Passes Away

is truly a sad day for movie fans. The legendary actor Christopher Reeve has
sadly passed away today. The 52 year old actor, who was most well known for
portraying our favourite comic book hero "Superman", suffered from a heart
attack, and slipped in to a coma. This is truly tragic, and I´m sure many of the
regulars to this site will be shocked by this news.

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"P.S." check out this Romantic film!


"P.S." is the
new moving coming out from Newmarket films. Below are links to the trailers. The
romantic story revolves around a divorced woman in her late 30´s, who gets to
live her fairy tale when she is reunited with a high school sweetheart who had
died previously and reincarnated in a mid 20´s year old hottie. If you are
craving more information be sure to check out href="">



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Seed of Chucky has a brand new Green Band trailer!

Pictures has a brand new Green Band trailer for "Seed of Chucky," the 5th of the
killer doll franchise, which opens on November 12th!
If you are sadistic enough you can also donate to the href="">Official Chucky´s Sperm Bank Online

Official Website
is located at href="">

Trailer links

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Brand new clips for "The Motorcycle Diaries"

Features, have a mass of links to brand new clips for "The Motorcycle Diaries."
Visit the official site,, if you have the time.

Fixing the Norton

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Born Rich, by the Shout! Factory

Factory brings you "Born Rich"! The film that fed America´s fascination with the
lifestyles of the spectacularly wealthy.

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Revenge of the Sith Trailer Description Online!

It is
almost time for the premiere of the first trailer for "Revenge of the Sith", and
a description of it has leaked online over at "">The Force.Net! For
those who don´t want to know whats in the trailer, and wish to keep themselves
spoiler free, you should stop reading now! OK, for the rest of you that are
still here (which is hopefully all of you), the trailer supposedly plays
something like this:

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Hillside Strangler ! Exclusive poster art !

, , ,

Tartan Video,
has provided us with exclusive assets for the theatrical release of "Hillside
Strangler." Hilside Strangler has just come out and we have a mass of pictures,
trailers and poster art for you!

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Woman Thou Art Loosed !


Pictures presents exclusive assets for the theatrical release of "Woman Thou Art
Loosed." The film is an adaptation of Bishop T.D. Jakes´ self-help novel about a
tale of dysfunction, isolation and finally inspiration. The film has just come
out and we have exclusive clips for those that wish to know more!

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"Ray" pictures, trailers and soundtrack!


We have a mass
of assets for the theatrical release of the Universal Pictures and Rhino
Entertainment film, "Ray" as well as the release of the film´s soundtrack.

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Breaking the US box office, "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence"

breaking box office anime "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence," continues to
surpass the entire gross of the first "Ghost in the Shell" film as well as that
of another cult movie, "Akira," after only 11 days in theaters! Its gross stood
at a very impressive $576,350.

The acclaimed anime film, which was the first ever to compete for the Cannes
International Film Festival´s coveted Palme d´Or, will expand in 21 additional
theaters and debut in more cities including Cleveland, OH; Indianapolis, IN;
Portland, OR; and Santa Barbara, CA.



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