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Lex Luthor could be Kevin Spacey in the new Superman movie!

Smith insinuated in a recent interview with NY Post that the role of Lex Luthor
will not go to an unknown actor! Sources point to Kevin Spacey, as Bryan
Singer´s number one choice to become Superman´s arch nemesis.

New York Post
is spinning the coin on this scoop. href="">Join us in the forum
to discuss the latest Superman hype!

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John Woo will direct "The Red Circle"

Woo will direct "The Red Circle," for Paramount Pictures. Variety indicates that
the film is a remake of the
Jean-Pierre Melville-directed 1970 French film Le Cercle Rouge. Jeff Pinkner has
been hired to write the noir thriller.

In the original film the story focused on a thief who is released from prison
the same day a murderer escapes police
custody. The outlaws pair up and commit a heist as a relentless cop closes

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Jamie Foxx will star in "The Executioner´s Game"

report that Jamie Foxx will star in "The Executioner´s Game," for for Columbia
Pictures. The spy thriller by Gary

Hardwick concerns a black operative for an ultra-secret government organization
who must track down and assassinate his

mentor, who has gone rogue. A director has not yet been named, however Hardwick
is hard at work adapting his novel for the

big screen. For more information check out href="">Coming Soon.

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Jonathan Liebesman will direct "Dead Asleep"

Jonathan Liebesman will direct "Dead Asleep," for New Line Cinema. The
Hollywood Reporter indicates that Carter Blanchard has wrote the story, which
centers on a small town that becomes infested with a species of killer bugs that
come out at night. The bugs burrow inside their victims´ bodies, killing people
from the inside.

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Silent Hill script is now complete!

script for the big screen adaptation of Konami´s psychological horror video game
"Silent Hill", has been completed!

Roger Avary announced on his href="">official site why
the script

was written so quickly. He explained that "for those concerned about the speed
writing on "Silent Hill, you need not fear.

When I arrived in Paris a highly detailed treatment had been in the works for
over a month by Christophe Gans and Nicholas

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Evangeline Lilly may be Lois Lane!

A hot
scoop has just appeared over at ="">Joblo concerning the casting of
Lois Lane in the upcoming "Superman" movie!

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Ollie the Otter in CGI development !

indicate that a deal has been signed to develop a CGI animated feature based on
the children´s book "Ollie the

Otter," by Kelly Alan Williamson. This will be Regency´s first CGI feature

The trade describes the story as "Finding Nemo in reverse." A courageous sea
otter, is placed in a situation to lead a

group of domesticated sea park friends to open water, in order to save his
family from perishing at the hands of a rogue and

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Tales Of The Zombie Is Being Developed!

It appears that the obscure Marvel comic "Tales of the Zombie" is being developed for the big screen, according to a news story at Hollywood North Report.

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Julian McMahon as Dr. Victor von Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four

href="">SuperHero Hype have the
exclusive first official image of Julian

McMahon as Dr. Victor von Doom !

The Twentieth Century Fox film is hitting theaters on July 4th 2005! Directed
by Tim Story the film features Reed

Richards/Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffudd), who can elongate his body; Susan
Storm/Invisible Woman (Jessica Alba), who not only

can become invisible at will but can render other objects invisible; Johnny
Storm/Human Torch (Chris Evans), who can shoot

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Alien 6 with Paul W.S. Anderson

indicate that director Paul W.S.Anderson is to write the sixth movie in the
"Alien" franchise. UK Teletext took

onboard this information from those close to the film maker. Twentieth Century
Fox has apparently asked the 39 year old to

pen a new script featuring the creatures on their own. The return of Ellen
Ripley is still unknown;

href="">however we do know
that Weaver was wanting to reprise the role in

the fifth movie




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