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No Shaun of the Dead 2!

of a sequel to the much loved zombie film "Shaun of the Dead" have been
floating around for a while now, but sadly it appears that the movie is not
going to be made. Although there were initial ideas to make a sequel titled
"From Dusk Till Shaun", it is now clear that this is not going to happen. Simon
Pegg himself, has today confirmed that he has no plans to carry on the
franchise. In an extensive Q and A session for ",,7-2004430016,00.html">The Sun, the

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No Joan Hart for Sabrina The Teenage Witch?!

Michelle Geller, according to href="">Teen Hollywood,
will take on the

role of Sabrina, in the movie adaptation of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch". She
apparently beat Britney Spears and the TV show´s star Melissa

Joan Hart to the part. Filming will take place in late 2006.

A source on the site says, "A few names have been mentioned, including
Britney Spears, but recently she´s lost that teenage innocence tag.

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Oliver Twist is revealed

The new
movie adaptation of "Oliver Twist" has just had some fantastic high res images
released online over at "">Dark Horizons, which gives
us our first glimpse of the films lead character.

By the looks of the costume, and set design in these pictures alone, it seems
that fans of the novel have an adaptation to be truly excited about. It is also
reassuring that Roman Polanski has chosen to cast talented unknown actors in the
lead roles, rather than big name stars.

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Bana plays poker in "Lucky You"

Bana is taking the lead role of Huck Cheever in "Lucky You." The warner
Brothers´ project will have director Curtis Hanson at the

wheel to start production early next year in Las Vegas. The Hollywood Reporter
states that the film is based on an original screenplay by

Eric Roth, the same man that brought us "Forest Gump." From what we can gather
so far, the film is about professional poker. For more

information visit href="">Comingsoon.

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Truth, Justice and the American Way

indicate that Adrien Brody will star in "Truth, Justice and the American Way."
Directed by Allen Coulter, written by Paul Bernbaum

the story around the man who once portrayed TV´s Superman, George Reeves.

The script will go into detail about the investigation of Reeve´s mysterious
death in 1959. It will also explore the actor´s complex

relationship with the iconic role that made him famous. Brody will play the lead
detective on the case. Focus Features plan to start

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Rosamund Pike in Doom

Rosamund Pike will star opposite Karl Urban in the upcoming video game
adaptation Doom. The Hollywood Reporter states that Pike will

portray a scientist in the Universal Pictures´ project.

Urban, will play the leader of a special-ops team and the film will be
directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak and written by Dave Callaham. "The

Rock" (Dwayne Johnson) is set to take the leading role.

Currently Rosamund Pike is working with Keira Knightley in "Pride and
Prejudice." She is also teaming up with Johnny Depp and Samantha

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Zoom´s Academy

Director Pete Hewitt, responsible for the recent "Garfield : The Movie" will
team up with Tim Allen to produce "Zoom´s Academy." A Revolution Studios comedy
about an out of shape former superhero, who is called back to save the

Variety indicate that the film written by Adam Rifkin and rewritten by Jordan
Roberts is set to start production in late Spring. This is all based on "Zoom´s
Academy for the Super Gifted," a graphic novel by Jason Lethcoe.

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Sue Storm looks Fantastic!


An exclusive
first look at Sue Storm was published in USA Today! Jessica Alba will

star in Twentieth Century Fox´s Fantastic Four as Sue Storm. The trade describes

cast like so:

Jessica Alba, 23, star of TV´s Dark Angel, is Sue Storm, also known as the

Invisible Woman, who has a romance with Reed.

Welshman Ioan Gruffudd, 30, goes from Lancelot in King Arthur to scientist

Richards, whose Mr. Fantastic has the ability to stretch.

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report that the crew of Scary Movie 3, David Zucker, Craig Mazin and Robert
Weiss want to take on a new comedy called "Superhero!"

This will extract from Spider-Man, Batman Begins and Fantastic Four. Mazin is
set to write the script, Weiss is producing and Zucker will direct the

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John Rhys Davies Joins Revenge of the Sith?

appears that George Lucas may have finally found an actor to portray the voice
of the new villain, General Grievous, in "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith".
According to a spy over at "">AICN, the legendary
"Indiana Jones" and "Lord of the Rings" star John Rhys Davies may have got the



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