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"We the People" To Feature Morgan Freeman's Voice

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Actor Morgan Freeman has become well-known for his narrating skills. His voice has been heard in classic films or documentaries for generations now. "Morgan Freeman's Voice" even has its own Facebook fan page and it was used in a campaign ad by American President Barack Obama. Now we will hear it in a history film called "We the People."

This flick, which was supposed to be released this yer but has been pushed back, will have Freeman as narrator. It will also feature Kurt Kelly as Abraham Lincoln, John Bert as America's second President John Adams and Sam Edens as American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Freeman is aging, however he is still very active in Hollywood. He is set to appear in a number of films such as 2013's "Last Vegas" with Robert DeNiro as well as 2013's "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise.