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Seth McFarlane More Excited About Doing "Ted" Again Rather Than The Oscars

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The writer and producer behind the popular American TV show "Family Guy," Seth McFarlane, has made headlines with his announcement that he won't be hosting the Academy Awards again. He is happy to announce that he will be doing a sequel to his recent movie hit "Ted." If you haven't seen "Ted," the movie about a man who spent his life with a living teddy bear, check it out. It is a little on the raunchy fact, it's a lot on the raunchy side. However, it is also a laugh riot.

We know that there will be a "Ted 2" coming with McFarlane at the helm. We also know that Mark Wahlberg will be back for it. At this time, we do not know its release date. We also don't know if Mila Kunis will return or what the plot will be.

McFarlane has other projects on the way. Look for a new film with him at the helm called "A Million Ways To Die In The West." It will star Amanda Seyfried and Charlize Theron.