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Marion Cotillard To Join Renner And Phoenix in "Lowlife"

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This year, we will see actress Marion Cotillard and two of the top male performers in the business on the big screen for a film named "Lowlife." French born Cotillard has made a name for herself with roles in flicks such as "Inception" or "The Dark Knight Rises." Now we will see her in this tale of an innocent immigrant woman who is tricked into a life of burlesque and vaudeville. Eventually a dazzling magician tries to save her and reunite her with her sister who is being held in the confines of Ellis Island. Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner join her for the movie.

Cotillard got her start doing mainly TV work in the early to mid-1990s. She appeared in film during that decade, however it wasn't until the early 2000s that she made a real splash on the international movie scene. Pardon the pun, but that big splash was with "The Big Fish," a 2003 Tim Burton directed flick that starred Danny DeVito and Ewan McGregor. She stood out in the crowd during that film and other roles came up.

Look for Cotillard to join Mila Kunis in the forthcoming crime/drama "Blood Ties."