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"Gangster Squad" Brings Emma Stone To The Top

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Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have brought a crime drama about a group of Los Angeles cops decades ago to life. The film is said to be excellent, the box office numbers are excellent as well. In its opening weekend, it made back the $17 million it cost to produce. "Gangster Squad" has provided Emma Stone the screen time that her fans want her to have.

Attractive and young, native Arizonan Stone has wowed film fans since the mid to late-2000s. He roles in flicks such as "Superbad" or "Zombieland" made her an instant star. In recent years, she's been a part of major productions including "The Amazing Spider-Man" or "The Help."

Stone has become such a hot commodity that she is signed up for several other roles including a sequel to "The Amazing Spider-Man" and an untiled Cameron Crowe film with Bradley Cooper.

Stone's early work was largely in televsion. She made her debut in a 2005 TV film remake of "The Partridge Family."