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Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro Getting Together For A Film

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 Robert DeNiro is considered by many to be the best actor ever. His performances in films such as "GoodFellas" and "Raging Bull" are often cited as his best. There are countless others that are also considered to be masterful performances. It would certainly be an honor for any actor to be called upon to work with him. Current shooting star Bradley Cooper has received that call.

Cooper and DeNiro are now scheduled to work together in "The Silver Linings Playbook." This David O. Russell directed film is the tale of an ex-teacher trying to reconcile with his wife after spending four years in a mental institution. Jennifer Lawrence and Mark Wahlberg's names have also been attached to it.

For Cooper, this is a high honor that leads one to believe he has arrived in Hollywood's A-List. For DeNiro, it's proof that his celebrated career lives on. Director David O. Russell had proof that he had arrived when he was at the helm of 2010's "The Fighter."

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